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Dance Floor Series


Dance floor series are widely used in variety fields. It takes very Sturdy aluminum alloy and strong mask and can be trampled directly. Modularized design makes it’s easy to setup and take down. iMagic is the perfect solution for concert, exhibition, nightclub, bar disco and shopping mall.

Strong bearing: 1000KG/m² high loading support;
Easy maintenance: No need to disassemble the cabinets nearby when changing a cabinet;
IP65/43: Anti-water, anti-drinks spill;
High contrast ratio: Patented mask design makes clear images;
Excellent cooling design: Professional cooling system, ensure a perfect heat dissipation;
Multi-touch function.

Parameters Dance Floor Series
Pixel pitch 6.25mm 8.9286mm
LED configuration SMD2727 SMD3535
Pixel density 25,600dot/m² 12,544dot/m²
Module size 250×250mm
Cabinet dimension 500mm×500mm×75mm
Cabinet weight 11.5kg/panel
Brightness 3,000~3,500CD/m²
Max. power consumption 600W/m²
Ave. power consumption 240W/m²
Refresh rate ≥1,920Hz
IP rating (front/back) IP65 front, IP43 rear
Operating power AC110~240V, 50/60Hz
Display lifetime ≥100,000h

Hotel、Shopping mall、Bar、Museum、Building、Stage、4s shop、Show room

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