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Indoor Fix Front Access Series


Pitch: 3mm
Cabinet size: 576mm×576mm
Screen width: 14.4m
Screen height: 7.488m
Location: Solo Church, Solo City, Indonesia. Finished in August 2015.

Best viewing angel and high light transmittance
Wonderful uniformity, good color mixture, and high brightness
Rigid and smart slim cabinet design
Effective and uniform heat dissipation
Reliable connector

Parameters Indoor Fix Front Access Series
Physical pixel pitch 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Pixel density 160,000pixel/m²  111,111pixel/m²  62,500pixel/m²  40,000pixel/m²  27,777pixel/m² 
LED type SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD3528
Module dimension 160mm×160mm 192mmx192mm 256mmx128mm 320mm×160mm 192mmx192mm
Module resolution 64x64dots 64x64dots 64x32dots 32x32dots 32x32dots
Best viewing distance 2.5-15m 3-18m 4-24m 5-30m 6-36m
Viewing angle(H/V) 160°/ 160°
Brightness >1,000nit
Gray scale 16bit
Colors 281T
Refresh rate ≥3,840Hz
Contrast ratio 4,000:1
Max. power consumption  800W/㎡  800W/㎡  750W/㎡  610W/㎡  425W/㎡ 
Ave. power consumption  240W/㎡  240W/㎡  225W/㎡  205W/㎡  140W/㎡ 
Driving way 1/32Scan 1/16Scan 1/16Scan 1/16Scan 1/16Scan
Cabinet dimension Customized
Operating temperature ﹣20℃~40℃
Operating humidity 10%~60%
Ingress protection level  IP31
Input voltage AC90-240V
Display lifetime ≥100,000h

Building、Shopping mall、Hotel、Museum、Airport、Stage、4s shop、Show room

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