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Flexible Series

Flexible and soft, can be any shape,easy install. 
Silicon mask,good flatness, no color difference.
Attractive shape, simple to use and come with audio and video system,fantastic showing.
Perfect signal transfer,support various signal, such as AV, DP, VGA,DVI,HDMI,SDI,etc, high fidelity image playing.
High refresh rate, support hagnging,permanent install and so on.
A good choice for stage decoration,360degree shooting angle, avoid shooting flashing.

Parameters COB Shelf Series
Pixel Pitch 1.875mm
Pixel Configuration COB 3in1
Resolution Ratio 320×32 160×32
Unit Size 600mm×60mm×18mm 300mm×60mm×18mm
Unit Weight 0.68kg 0.35kg
Max. Power Consumption 20W/module 10W/module
Ave. Power Consumption 8W/module 4W/module
Pixel Density 284,089dots / ㎡
Brightness Adjustment 256 Level
Brightness 600nit
Refresh Rate ≥2,000 Hz
Grey Scale 16bit
Contrast Ratio 3,000:1
Viewing  Angle 160˚/160˚
Input Voltage AC100V-240V
Working Voltage DC 5V
Operating Temperature -10~40℃
Operating Humidity 10%~90%
Chassis Material Aluminum
Control system Synchronous

Building、Shopping mall、Exhibition、Museum、Stadium、Stage、4s shop、Show room

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